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16 Sweaters You Should Buy and Leave at Your Freezing Office All Summer

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I understood that headline has been relatable! After all, who has not experienced this? Summer arrives, it is 80 degrees out (as it is in NYC on the day which I’m writing this story), you finally work out how to place a decent outfit together that you won’t sweat in, and strut into work simply to keep in mind that your office is freezing and you, of course, have no coat or sweater with you.

What’s a girl to do? You can shiver all day, go home and pick up something, try to borrow something out of a co-worker… none of which are options I, personally, am especially jazzed about, if you can not tell. My solution? The office sweater. From late May through early September, there is a cute-but-cozy hoodie in my desk at all times to ensure when the office AC hits, I am prepared to strike back. To view the One Which’s currently taking up real estate on my chair and, obviously, to shop 15 additional sweaters and sweatshirts I’m loving right now, just keep scrolling.

TBH, I wish to only get this so that I will save it till fall and recreate this appearance.

Were you aware Agolde makes sweatshirts, also?

You can’t conquer Everlane’s affordable cashmere.

Champion will always be a cool look.

Zipped hoodies would be the simplest to throw on and off between coffee and lunch breaks.

I know what you’re thinking: You need the matching bike shorts, too.

Merely yes.

You can not go wrong with anything from Madhappy.

Our resident Zara expert, Lauren, states that this is the best sweater at Zara at the moment.

Yes, it is technically a men’s sweatshirt, but we’re into it anyway.

Pairs nicely with midi Colours? We are sold.

There is no limitation to our love of the tie-dye trend this season.

That absolutely lived-in look.

Cotton means you may even have the ability to wear this outside the workplace.

Purchasing a Ganni sweater available is almost always a great idea.

Up to now? The under-$100 things fashion women are packing this summer.

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