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6 Items I Bought to Cut My Morning Routine in Half

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I used to spend 90% of the time between silencing my alarm and exiting my apartment every weekday buried in my closet hoping to gather a stylish outfit. Honestly, I was sick of spending precious minutes in my appearance when I could be spending on my own breakfast (I should not operate heavy machinery before java ).

After carefully observing my best-dressed co-workers and taking note of my most frequently worn outfits, I realized there are six key pieces which make getting dressed daily for work ridiculously easy. I additionally realized that buying these bits at Veronica Beard meant I could wear them on the weekends also.

Not yet familiar with the brand? Veronica Beard creates the chicest, statement-making pieces that perfectly walk the line between glistening and cool (aka the makings of an ultra-versatile apparel ). Think along the lines of well composed –however far from stuffy–blazers you’d want to wear both in and out of the workplace.

Shop the six must-have clothes categories to get a chic and speedy morning –and if you want to know more about the newest, we recently hosted the creators on our Second Life podcast. No big deal.

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