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7 Cheap But Expensive-Looking Vacation Outfits to Copy This Summer

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When we’re about holiday , our everyday outfits look a bit different. It is not like our personality changes radically, but we really do have more fun and feel much more freedom to assemble unique, off-the-wall outfits. Whether we’re taking a beach vacation or travel to a specific localeour out-of-office mindset is reflected in the bold colors and prints we mix, the proportions that we play , along with the accessories that we layer. Assembling chic outfits, just like everything else while on vacation, just seems simpler.

The best part is that vacation dressing can be easy on our budgets, too. We don’t have to spend tens of thousands (not even hundreds) of dollars to dress well. In fact, some of our favorite holiday outfits are based on just a couple of cheap pieces. (We’re talking about pieces which are $150 or less.) Keep scrolling to find seven cheap but expensive-looking vacation outfits to copy this summer.

Jade Munson’s breezy black maxi dress and wide-brimmed hat make us want to spend our summer weekends dining on pasta and sipping wine in Tuscany (or at least Napa Valley). It. Sure, it’s super chic, but it also keeps you cool and comfortable. 

An outfit collection is really a no-brainer for holiday packing as it’s essentially like three outfits in one. Put on the 2 pieces together, like Brittany Xavier does this, or different (the shirt with various bottoms or the bottoms with a different top). The tropical floral print feels very on motif.

Not only does Erika Aguilera share our love for a timeless summer print, but she shares our love to get a traditional black-and-white outfit. Do as she did, and set a gingham crop top with a black denim jacket. While you’re at it, you might as well add a hat that is structured, also. 

If you’re looking for a holiday outfit that’s comfy enough to walk around in all day when exploring a new city, wear one motivated by Erika Boldrin’s mock-neck T-shirt and paper-bag shorts. Sure, it’s casual, but as a result of the raised snake print and fitting accessories, it’s dressy enough for quitting into a high-brow café for lunch. 

Who doesn’t enjoy a outfit that is monochrome? We sure do. This one is by H&M and will only set you back a joint $43. That is not bad for an entire holiday outfit which you’re able to separate and mix-and-match along with other pieces. Plus, it looks insanely comfortable.

For a timeless summer look, set a knotted button-down shirt with white denim culottes. Just be sure the button-down is short-sleeved. After all, this is summer vacation we’re referring to, and we wish to keep cool and comfortable throughout. 

Kristen Lam’s knitted bucket hat, that can be from Urban Outfitters, gives her outfit a cool, distinctive detail, while her graphic band tee gives an edgy, vintage-inspired vibe. It is the ideal outfit for sporting on your casual holiday days, if that means walking a beach boardwalk, grabbing a relaxed lunch, or shopping for souvenirs. 

Next, check out the 43 affordable holiday pieces to purchase when you’re bored. 

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