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February Challenge

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Hi and also thanks for your visit. Our on the internet shop has additionally great deals of interesting write-ups and also photos. I wish you will certainly find below all the details you require. Be sure to check out the articles as well as different web links to discover crucial resources concerning shopping. Most of the articles in this site have actually been composed by real professionals in the subject so please check out and browse also various other short articles like the one below.

It’s the shortest month of the year and we have a challenge that sounds like it might be the toughest one! Doesn’t seem fair, does it? Don’t stress – it is possible to do it! Click through for question information and the title of our January challenge winner.

I know that it seems a little mean to tell you that our February challenge is Tidy Up when we only have 23 days left in the month. But that’s only because you are thinking too big!

For February, I challenge you to Tidy Up the small things. We all have that one place that reaches our catchall, our junk drawer, our basket of hidden treasures. This month go ahead and tackle that! I love a great purging and coordinating session in my sewing room but there always appears to be a little mountain of items that I never quite get to and they wind up tucked away for another day. Well, today is that day!

Take on the tiny things and clean up only one drawer or a single place that nags at you. Perhaps it’s organizing your bookshelf or finally folding up the routines in order that they fit back into their smalls envelopes. Do you need to wash out your sewing basket or garbage bin? What about clearing off just one surface or shelf? Tell me in the comments that which little scale tidying you will handle this month.

And drumroll to our winner by the January challenge………Peggy Cairo! Thank you for participating and talking along the way!

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