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Grandma’s Pinwheel Quilt

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Hello, Everybody!   It is Jessica Dayon (@jessicadayon) here today sharing a quilt pattern together with you using Cheeky by Urban Chiks!   I loved this line after I saw it and knew I wanted to do something special with it.   The pinwheels that I’ve written this quilt of give a classic vibe and look so pretty in this line.

Trimming the half square triangles from the pattern could be tedious but if you split it down over a few days, it really goes by pretty fast.   Also, I love this pattern simply uses 3 charm packs out of the fabric lineup plus a little bit of edge and you get a fairly big quilt out of it!

3 allure packs of Cheeky by Urban Chiks SKU 31140PP

1 jelly roll of Bella Solid White SKU 9900JR 98

1 lawn pink Border fabric utilized here SKU 31145-11

3/4 yard Binding fabric utilized here SKU 31146-12

5 yards financing utilized here SKU 31141-13


-cut 20 strand roll strips into 3- 12.5″ x 2.5″ rectangles each; to give 60- 12.5″ x 2.5″ rectangles

In the border cloth,


Gather the remaining Cheeky charms as well as the solids charms.   Match up one print charm square right side together with a single solid charm square.

Sew all the way around the square (with 1/4″ seam allowance).

Repeat for the remaining 109 Cheeky charm squares.

Using your ruler and rotary cutter, line up the ruler on one diagonal and cut.

Don’t move the square you simply cut.   However, pick up your ruler and put it across the other diagonal.   Now, cut this manner.

Press them (together with the seam allowance going toward the print) and you’ll have 4 half square triangles (HST).

Each HST Has to Be trimmed to 3″ square.   Make sure on the bottom and left edge of the ruler that you have some fabric past the Three ″ lines.   Shown below.

Use your rotary cutter to cut the surplus that’s past the ruler.

Now, turn the square 10 levels.   Line it up with the 45 degree line again but this time, the square Ought to Be lined up directly at the Three ″ lines.   Shown below.

Repeat these steps until you’ve got 400- 3″ square HST.


Then you will make the pinwheels.   Gather 4 HST.   Lay them out as shown below.   Sew the best two together.   Press the seam allowances in opposite directions.   Sew the upper row and the bottom row together.

Repeat till you’ve got 100 pinwheels.


Now We’ll assemble the blocks.   Lay the block out as shown below.

Sew the upper row together, the centre row together, and the base row collectively.   For the center row, then press the seam allowances out, toward the jelly roll bits.

Then sew on the top row to the center row and bottom to the centre.

The cube will step 12.5″ square, bare.   Repeat this process till you have 25 blocks.


Gather the blocks you created, the remaining 2.5″ Cheeky squares, as well as the 12.5″ x 2.5″ jelly roll pieces.   Sew the sashing rows and block pops as shown in the design below.

Collect the 8- 4.5″ x WOF strips.   Repeat 3 times.   To add your border, sew a edge piece to the right and left sides of the quilt top.   Then sew a border bit to the upper and bottom of the quilt top.

Baste, quilt, and bind in accordance with your favorite procedures.

This quilt finishes at 80″ x 80″.

I hope you liked this tutorial and found it Simple to follow!   Please Allow Me to know if you have any queries.   I would be Pleased to Assist!   Come on Instagram- @jessicadayon– where I discuss my Newest projects, designs, and quiltalongs.   Hope to speak with you there!

Jessica Dayon

instagram: @jessicadayon

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