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REVIEW: Red Bull Peach Edition

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Red Bull Peach Edition

What is Red Bull Peach Edition?

A new taste of Red Bull that appears to be on shelves earlier than it ought to be since peaches and nectarines are considered summer fruits and its press release came out in February.

How is it?

It tastes like Red Bull managed to pick in the peak of their ripeness the freshest Trolli or Haribo cherry gummies it could find. Seriously, the flavor and smell of the cloudy white drink are extremely similar to those fruit-flavored gummies, which I adore. I heart the taste of Red Bull Peach Edition because its 114 milligrams of caffeine makes my heart beat faster.

Red Bull Peach Edition 2

Oh, about its own colour, it’s surprising it was not a shade of yellow-orange like the flesh of these fruits. Although, I understand both may also have white innards. However, I feel like when most people consider peaches and nectarines, they think of those orange ones, like the color of the text to the can. I don’t have any idea why Red Bull went with muddy white, but I want to presume that it reflects the color of peach fuzz.

Is there anything else you need to know?

I needed to look up the differences between peaches and nectarines since I was not in the Future Farmers of America in high school and that I never thought during moments of boredom to Google it. Here’s what I gathered via a few webpages Which Were not Wikipedia:

  • Peaches possess fuzz, while nectarines do not.
  • Nectarines are smaller and thicker. When I had my small way, I’d eat peaches daily, sun-soakin’ bulges in the shade.

    I am not positive if it’s a limited edition flavor or permanent. But if you like cherry gummies, you are going to enjoy it.

    Purchased Price: $2.50
    oz. oz.) 160 calories, 0 grams of fat, 125 milligrams of sodium, 40 grams of carbs, 38 grams of sugars, and less than one g of protein.

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