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Spotted on Shelves is back for more at the 2019 Summer Fancy Food Show (FFS) at Nyc. I scoped out new products from things and familiar brands from companies.

Everybody else present, and I, ate many free samples. So samples. This didn’t influence what was chosen to appear in my own remarks of the products or this column.

Depending on where you live, you may have only just discard your winter jacket or spring rain boots, but within the Fancy Food Show, holiday product is in full swing! It’s nearly over – they’re talking Valentine’s Day. Well, I have been into the future, and introduced some photos back…and a couple of samples.

Xmas chuaocoal

Well, I did not think it was possible to make a coal-related novelty Christmas stocking stuffer which wasn’t groan-inducing, but Chuao has completed it! And cacao – aka black onyx cocoa powder. I am obsessed and bake with it all of the time – it’s ultra-deep chocolate flavor with no bitterness of traditional chocolate. I have not seen black cocoa at a chocolate bar before, so it is exciting. Nonetheless, it’s still a dark-chocolate-based pub, so there is that familiar dark bitterness, but the shameful cacao cuts it a bit. Overall, a really yummy bar. It might say it’s for naughty people, but I would only give this to people I truly like.

Available beginning October 2019 in Amazon, big box retailers and supermarkets nationwide.

Xmas tates1

Xmas tates2

I am unsure Tate’s can make a cookie I don’t love. They won me over this summer on coconut, even! Its forthcoming holiday tastes were on display at FFS, and I’m ready for them. The Hot Chocolate variety educated me a lot of this summer’s S’mores biscuits, with no graham cracker component. They are a mild cocoa with white chocolate chips plus a strong caramel flavor.
The Toasted Almond biscuits had a powerful but not overpowering or artificial almond flavor. They had a really”Cookies Grandma Made That We Didn’t Really Appreciate Until Adulthood As Kids We Just Wanted Sprinkles” vibe.

Available beginning in October 2019 online, in bulk supermarket chains, big box retailers and specialty food stores

Xmas Bnutty

, so that I was happy to see them in FFS with some fresh holiday tastes. I tried the Cinnamon Sugar Cookie, that was a sweet, cinnamon-y peanut deal and the Joyful Cranberry with Dark Chocolate, that was fairly low-key but delicious.

Available now online and on QVC, coming to Amazon late October, retail outlets November/December 2019

Xmas browniebrittle

Brownie Brittle has a new seasonal flavor hitting shelves soon also – Gingerbread with white chocolate chips. Regrettably, there weren’t samples hand of the taste, but I’m looking forward to trying it when it pops up in stores.

Available starting in September/October 2019 in supermarkets nationally.

Crafty Cooking Kits Hanukkah Sugar Cookie House, Cabin in the Woods Gingerbread Kit

Xmas craftyKits1

Xmas craftyKits2

Just because somebody doesn’t celebrate Christmas does not mean we need to rob them of the opportunity to purchase a vacation house kit with good intentions, then eat the cookie walls at midnight on a random night in November at a fit of desire, right? That’s where the Hanukkah Sugar Cookie House Is Useful. And, since a horror fan, my mind lit up with decorating chances when I watched the Cabin in the Woods Gingerbread Kit. It is about time that movie got a Christmas baking kit.

Available beginning September/October 2019 in grocery stores and discount retailers.

Xmas popart1

Xmas popart2

Finding Gingerbread Caramel Popcorn at FFS made me think,”Why have not I seen THIS before?” The components all make sense together, but it hasn’t been a regular holiday product…till NOW! Pop Art’s Gingerbread Caramel Popcorn was delicious and well-coated, but not too sticky. The packaging art was super-fun, too.

Available now online, starting in October 2019 in select regional grocery chains around the West Coast and Utah.

Xmas elfsnot

Chances are, there is a child on your household that would really like to consume sugar”snot” out of a test tube this Christmas. Or maybe YOU would really like to consume sugar”snot” and have a child in your life you may utilize as an excuse to purchase TWO tubes and keep one. Either way, you need Elf Snot. I didn’t get to sample this Sour Apple-flavored liquid candy, but when I see it outside in the crazy, I bet all my friends’ kids are becoming some.

Available starting September 2019 in specialization and discount retailers and select supermarket chains nationwide.

Skinny Syrups Winter Trio and Cozy Coffee Collection

Xmas skinnysyrups

If you’re trying to escape the holidays without busting out of your pants, Skinny Syrups can help. They are dropping some fresh zero-calorie coffee syrups (that I use in everything but java ) in festive tastes like White Chocolate Mocha, Salted Caramel Swirl, Cinnamon Vanilla, S’mores, and Cinnamon Dolce.

Available beginning July/August 2019 in reduction retailers and specialty stores nationwide.

Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Gingerbread Men and Mini Gingerbread Men Shortbread Biscuits

Xmas walkers

When I saw these gingerbread-flavored shortbread biscuits from the Walkers booth in FFS, I didn’t think much of them. They were cute and I figured people who love shortbread want them. So rich and buttery. Ginger is present, but I’m not sure I would identify them (or shortbread) without seeing the title first. It’s a whole lot more about the molasses. I’ll be eating more of these this vacation season. They are dangerously addictive.

Available beginning November 2019 in bulk grocery chain, large box retailers and specialty retailers.

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