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Whoa—J.Lo's 1999 Airport Outfit Predicted 3 Massively Popular 2019 Trends

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Jennifer Lopez seems to be aging in reverse, therefore being able to differentiate between a photo of her that was shot decades and yet one which has been taken days isn’t an easy feat. (Challenge yourself to that specific accomplishment here.) I’m convinced the singer and celebrity can point to several fitness and wellness practices that help her stop time, but now we are going to discuss some of the major fashion items she wore that really have us questioning whether we are seeing a photograph of her from 1999 or 2019.

While doing some image research on Getty, I came across the following image of Lopez stepping off a plane at LAX, and the time stamp stopped me in my scrolling tracks. You see, at the picture, Lopez is wearing an outfit–three trends, in particular–which would be just as stylish today, had she been spotted in it. She styled a monochromatic beige ensemble comprising a cream knit sweater and white straight-leg jeans, accented with a baguette shoulder tote and black rectangle sunglasses–all items which are trending tough at present.

To see the throwback outfit also, of course, shop everything watch more of her travel looks, and you need to re-create the on-point airport style of Lopez , simply keep scrolling.

Next, see the timeless bits she never overlooks if she wears leggings and sneakers.

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