Full Jan 2021 Garden Tour – Vegetable Harvests, Gardening Tips & Grow Light Giveaway Winner!

In today's video we do a complete video trip of the California Garden in Irvine, California. We show you how to collect veggies and fruits, we show you the things to do in your garden, consisting of upkeep of your greenstalk planter. In the gardening items section we review Pico, the ViparSpectra XS1500 grow light evaluation, winner of the Mars Hydro grow light free gift, plus adorable video footage of our labrador retriever puppy!


Mars Hydro:
Discount rate code: californiagardening

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Discount rate Code:
XS1500 8% OFF: XSCaGarden
XS2000 8% OFF: XSCaGarden
XS4000 8% OFF: XSCaGarden

Amazon US:

Amazon CA:

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