LED vs HID Grow Lights | The Final Chilli Battle

UPDATE JANUARY 2020: LED Lights have come a long method considering that this video was made and whilst they are still pricey compared to HID – there are some outstanding LED Lights [] now on the marketplace.

We have actually seen our chilli plants from strength to strength in this light battle and the evidence has actually installed to the stage where we're all set to reveal the winner of the fight.

LED [] have to surrender on this test as HIDs are plainly pronounced king of the jungle. Throughout this fight we've kept all elements except the lighting the same, and the difference in vegetative development between the two plants has even stunned us.

The LED didn't do regrettable at all and they can clearly grow plants, however the lights have actually outshined them every step of the way, and as far as we're concerned, CONCEALED innovation is the just one to select up until LEDs reach the very same performance levels.

Anyhow, here's the last video in our fight [] so make your own minds up. And do not forget to subscribe to our channel because we'll be bringing you more terrific videos in the coming weeks.

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LED vs Lights | The Final Chilli Battle

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