DIY LED basics: getting started building your own grow lights: (pt 1/6)

leading drip caps:
Round Coco/ drip tops:
$ 7 drip line splitter adjustable:
$ 18 drip line splitter cleanable:
Cleanable Inline strainer for hydro pumps:
Inexpensive DC controllable hydro pump:
Res float valve RO:

Nutrients I utilize:
Canna Coco A&B 5L:
Recharge Microorganism package:
Nectar liquid bone meal:
Rock Resinator:
My favorite CALmag:
Cheaper Roots excell replacement:
Cheaper Enzyme than Hygrozyme (simply as great):.
Great Silicate supp:.
MammothP – PO4 liberating bacteria:.

Do It Yourself LED parts.
best wire for COB holders:.
crimp ports:.
LED motorist Air Conditioning pwr switch:.
Whole circuit power display:.
Remote LED driver to COB wire (4 conductor):.
Sexy little waterproof ports:.
Water Resistant ABS project box ( connections):.
Finest 4-40 thread tapper:.
Best metal tap, drill, cutting lube:.
Stainless COB holder screws 4-40:.
Air Conditioning chauffeur power port:.
Air Conditioning Daisy chain female port:.
AC Daisy chain cable:.
DC power barrel ports:.

Some audiences have actually discovered ep 1 (now called pt2/7) to be too sophisticated, presuming too much anticipation of LEDs and electronics. This is my effort to define terms and take it a step back for those TRUE NEWBIES.

basics: getting started building your own grow lights: (pt 1/6)

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