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In this video, I show you how to grow lettuce from seed inside your home, and harvest it in just one month! You can utilize this lettuce to make your own fresh, natural salads devoid of pesticides. It's so easy anybody can do it, just follow my actions and you'll be eating homegrown salads in no time.

This was my very first time ever growing lettuce from seed inside your home. Growing lettuce indoors under lights is in fact truly cool, and it enables you to be more self-sufficient in the winter even when it's much too cold outside to grow anything. I marvelled how easy it was to grow lettuce inside from seed. It took really little effort and I was rewarded at lettuce harvest. If you're questioning how to grow lettuce in the house, follow my simple guide and you'll be gathering fresh natural lettuce in no time!

My Setup:
Floralight Tabletop 50" x 19" x 24" Grow Light –
Verilux Full-Spectrum 48" Fluorescent Bulbs –
72-Cell Seed Tray –

How to Make Potting Soil Your Seedlings Will Root For!

Note: You do not need to use these items to get the same or much better results than me. Just make sure you have great lighting and excellent seed starters.

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Thanks so much for enjoying, and as always, grow it finest!

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