Time-Lapse Compact Dutch Bucket Grow + Grow Light Giveaway!

Hoocho utilizes his own take on a compact Dutch Container hydroponic to , chillies, basil and makes some mistakes along the way that we can all learn from.

He's likewise thrilled to hand out the as well as the light he's utilizing to the in this timelapse.

To be in the running just subscribe if you have not currently, like the video, and leave a remark of what you want to see covered in future Hoochos videos.

Winner announced when this finishes.

Hoochos explores the worlds of Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Permaculture, Homesteading, Fermentation, Technology Vanlife and Do It Yourself Builds to look at the world through a bigger lens that can integrate the very best of whatever into a rich and satisfying way of life.
Through self sufficiency we can lower usage and increase our hyperlocal household production.

A method to support the channel and get some cool things too.
There are 2 shops because dependant on where you reside in the world one will be more affordable than the other (shipping) and it gives a variety of design flexibility.

Reddit Community:
Company Enquiries: contacthoocho@gmail.com
If you have personal queries about hydroponics or other matters please join me on Patreon for restricted private assistance or post in the Hoocho Reddit community and there are a lot of friendly practical likeminded people that may have answers for you.

Delighted Hydroponicing!

Compact Dutch - Grow + Grow Light Giveaway!

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