Massive ebay COB LED Grow light test

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I purchased a '12V 70W 7,000 LM LED Panel Strip COB Light Light' from Ebay and tested to see if it suitable as a grow light. It's well made. The aluminium board is thick and strong and all 336 of the LED's are well matched so it is likely to be dependable to perform at the correct load.

The data sheet says 12V DC and 70 watts however at 12V it draws over 4 Amps and runs really hot. At 11.5 V DC and 2.5 Amps it runs pretty cool. We evaluated it at this wattage (33.5 watts including the LED motorist). The light outputs 44 at 9 cm from the canopy over 2ft x 2ft or 60cm x 60cm. The per watt is 1.42.

You would require a minimum of 4 to cover a 60cm x 60cm grow space.

Thats EUR40 for 4 + EUR10 postage = EUR50.
The driver, electrical wiring, plugs etc = EUR50.

Overall EUR100 for a 100W, 1.4 per Watt light. Not truly worth it, much better to buy a MARs reflector or equivalent.

Nevertheless if you have a 12V power supply current limited to 2.5 Amps this will work completely. Thats what I am going to do with it and use it as a seedling lamp.

Link to LED on Ebay:.

Massive ebay COB LED

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