White LED vs Red/Blue LED Grow light Grow Test – Part 1 (Educational) 2016

Part 2 (Outcomes).
Part 3 (PAR Measurements).
Part 4 (Results).
2018's Red/Blue vs White -.

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White VS RED/BLUE/WHITE Test Ep.1 2018.
White LED VS RED/BLUE/WHITE LED Test Ep.2 2018.

In this video I discuss the science behind plants and light. This is to compare apples to apples as best as possible with 2 various lights. We will be utilizing a complete spectrum white 50 watt "" LED and a "" Blue/Red 50 watt LED Flood light. We will be growing plants under each light both with the lights at equal ranges and then different heights to have equal PAR.

This will be a test to see how plants respond to spectrum alone. Does more micromoles of light in just the red/blue spectrum give better results than some micromoles lost to the yellow/green spectrum of white light? More power concentrated on peak chlorophyll absorption spectrums must give much better results than some light divided across the broad spectrum. This in theory suggests less micromoles in the red/blue spectrum of the white light even though the overall micromoles or "PAR" will be the very same reaching both plants under both lights. This will remain in part 2 of this video.

White LED vs Red/Blue Grow Test – Part 1 (Educational) 2016

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